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SportsUnited: Basketball Ambassadors of Today & Tomorrow

Sports have the power to inspire and unify people around common interests and goals, overcoming politics, cultural differences, economic disparities, stereotypes, language gaps and other challenges.  Sports develop leadership, teamwork, tolerance, and communication skills that help young people succeed throughout their lives. BASKETBALL AMBASSADORS OF TODAY AND TOMORROW is a peer-to-peer program which enables Russian and American youth and coaches to engage with their overseas peers through a common bond of basketball, and to learn about each other’s culture and country, as well as to acquire individual skills in becoming open-minded and successful citizens in today’s global world.

BASKETBALL AMBASSADORS OF TODAY AND TOMORROW is a SportsUnited initiative, administered by the Russian American Foundation (RAF) in collaboration with its partner organizations in Russia. SportsUnited, a division of the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), is devoted to sports diplomacy and its power to promote dialogue and cultural understanding between people around the world.


For questions please contact:

SportsUnited Coordinator - Victoria Gumennaya

212 687 6118 x 203




Group of coaches from Russia

March 2016

RAF's SportsUnited initiative enabled a group of Russian non elite high-school and college level basketball coaches, selected from a national pool of applicants, travel to the United States to engage in a professional exchange on a full scholarship funded by SportsUnited. 

Group of players and coaches from USA

April 2016

As part of this bilateral exchange, RAF enabled a group of American non-elite high-school basketball players and coaches to travel to Moscow, Russia for a 10 day trip to explore Russian culture and engage in dialogue with locals through basketball.  This full scholarship opportunity was funded by SportsUnited.