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In The News | 2008

Kazakh Orchestra at Lincoln Center

New York Daily News: The Kazakh National Folk Orchestra “Otrar Sazy” performed last month at Jazz at Lincoln Center. The concert was sponsored by Erian Idrissov, ambassador of Kazakhstan to the UN and Byrganym Aitimova, permanent representative of Kazakhstand to the UN. It was organized by the Russian American Foundation. Read More

Bolshoi Ballet Academy gives young dancer the chance of a lifetime
L.A. TIMES: In his tough San Bernardino neighborhood, Matthew Leonardi doesn’t talk much of his graceful pirouettes or evenings spent dancing with girls in pink tutus. He’s not ashamed; he just doesn’t need the grief. And the tights are completely off-limits. Read More
Five Weeks of Ballet Lessons, the Bolshoi way

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Passers-by outside the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center on a blustery morning in late March may have noticed a stream of women ushering girls into this unfinished building on West 60th Street. Keen observers might have noticed that the women came in two distinct sartorial categories: one marked by black leather, heels, fur, dyed blond hair and makeup, the other by carelessly thrown-on tops, loose jeans, flats and very little makeup. Read More

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