RAF's Mission

The Russian American Foundation (RAF) was founded in 1997 as a non-partisan organization to encourage interest in and understanding of Russian heritage among all communities in the US, as well as to promote reciprocal interest in and understanding of American heritage among global Russian-speaking communities.  At its inception, RAF's programming centered on the arts as a common bond to promote mutual understanding and engagement.  With time, RAF's programming also expanded to the fields of education and sports.


Today, RAF serves national and international communities while continuing to be a strong supporter and active member of the Russian-American community of New York.  At the core of RAF's mission is an ongoing commitment to:

  • Promoting a positive dialogue between the people and cultures of the United States and Russia.

  • Promoting economic and social development, progress, and well-being within the Russian-speaking community of the New York area and the greater United States.

  • Promoting a better understanding and acceptance of the Russian-speaking community among the various other communities of New York and the greater United States.

  • Assisting the Russian-speaking community of New York and the greater United States in preserving its heritage, culture, and language.

For additional information about our programs, please e-mail us at info@russianamericanfoundation.org

Please note that response time may vary. Thank you for your patience.