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Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Intensive in Connecticut fina perfrormance photo featuring two female dancers in grand jete and two male dancers jumping

Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Intensive programs

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The acclaimed Bolshoi Ballet Academy (BBA) has produced some of the most accomplished stars of the current generation, including Natalia Osipova, Alexei Ratmansky, Polina Semionova, Vladimir Malakhov, Maria Kochetkova and many others.  

With its nearly 250-year history, the Academy’s curriculum and pedagogy is recognized for its focus on strength, musicality, clarity of technique, and personal expression. 

The BBA Summer Programs in New York and Connecticut follow the world-renowned Bolshoi Ballet Academy curriculum and are taught by the Academy’s leading teachers from Moscow.  Each Program is specifically designed to achieve individual progress in ballet training through a focus on the clarity of technique, increased strength, and greater musicality.

RAF's BBA Programs welcome students from all over the world.  In 2018 participants represented: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Portugal, Romania, Russia, South Korea,  Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Venezuela, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom. 


Summer Programs

Polina Semionova

Bolshoi Ballet Academy Graduate

Photo by Stella de Monaco

Summer Programs

3 and 6-week sessions provide rigorous and expert training for advanced ballet students (15+ years).  The first session culminates in an open class.  The second session and six-week session culminate in a performance. Residential and Day options are available.


3 and 6-week sessions provide rigorous and expert training for serious ballet students (ages 9-15 years).  All sessions culminate in a staged showcase. Residential and Day options are available in a supervised environment appropriate for younger dancers.

Bolshoi PREP

3 and 6-week sessions provide rigorous and expert training for serious ballet students (ages 9-15 years) who would like to train in NY. All sessions culminate in an open class. Limited residential options are available for students residing with a parent or guardian.

NSLI-Y Moscow

A 6-week full scholarship program that combines Russian language instruction, cultural immersion, and ballet training at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow.  NSLI-Y is a U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs program, implemented by the Russian American Foundation.

Teacher Certification

"Methods of Teaching Classical Dance" is a one-week intensive program in New York City offering dance educators an opportunity to learn the authentic Bolshoi Ballet Academy methodology.  Applicants need to demonstrate level-appropriate experience to be accepted into the program.

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BBASI Auditions
January - February

Live, Video, and Virtual Audition Opportunities Available. Visit the BBASI website to learn more about the audition process and registration!

*Listed programs in the United States are a partnership between New York based Russian American Foundation (“RAF”) and Moscow’s Bolshoi Ballet Academy (“Academy”). The Programs are operated by RAF, based on a ballet curriculum designed by the Academy and taught by its ballet teachers. Unless otherwise expressly stated, RAF has no affiliation with other programs operated or sponsored by the Academy in Russia or other parts of the world. The Programs are not formally affiliated with Russia’s Bolshoi Ballet Company.  PROGRAM DETAILS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. 


NSLI-Y is a program of the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, implemented by the Russian American Foundation in Moscow, Russia in collaboration with local independent entities in Russia and U.S. Program implementation is subject to available funding of the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.  PROGRAM DETAILS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

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